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Great Clients Make For Great Web Development Projects

“Great work is easy when you have great clients.” We might as well make this our tag-line here at CODEMAY, as it truly speaks the one of the many reasons why we are so proud of the web development work we do here. You can have a great designer, which we do, and great developers, like our Co-Founder & Chief Developer, Jaime May, but those are just a part of what makes for a great project.

The primary ingredient of any great web-development product is a great client. This single fact alone can be the difference between making a good website, and a great one. We have been fortunate enough to repeatedly find great clients that make our job so easy. Our most recent completed project,, is no exception.

Jean-Paul Bevilacqua reached out to us in September after having seen another one of our completed web development projects, YogaWithTim. Jean-Paul had followed Tim Senesi’s YouTube videos for some time, and was impressed with what we were able to do for Tim’s website, which went live in August.  After a couple of very short conversations, we got started on our new project for Jean-Paul.

Typically our web development clients have us build a website dedicated to a single message in order to promote their business’ products. However, Jean-Paul tasked us with a slightly different task: Create a single location where he can promote all of his talents. And with Jean-Paul, there are many: a lawyer, a mediator, an actor, a singer, and outspoken supporter of the LGBT community in his home city of Toronto. Prior to all of this, Jean-Paul was an original cast member of the MTV Canada & Logo TV show 1 Girl, 5 Gays.

Our main goal: Let Jean-Paul’s work speak for itself. With as impressive of a resume as his, the worst thing we could do is dilute the message by creating something that detracted from it. Becscreen-shot-2016-11-01-at-2-30-49-pmause of this, we decided on a very simple design, intended to showcase Jean-Paul’s work, rather than how flashy we can make a website look. The result was a site with a lot of white-space, and custom iconography to convey the messages without unnecessary copy.

Jean-Paul put a lot of trust in us to create his online presence, especially since he already has an established audience from his many prior endeavors. We’re glad we were able to create something to help promote all of his great talents, and that it was everything he wanted it to be. Great clients like Jean-Paul make what we do here at CODEMAY so much fun.