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Search Engine & Social Media Marketing

Over the last few months, Search Engine Marketing & Social Media Marketing has been a top-priority for me. As obvious as this is going to sound, I have found that owners of small-businesses got into their field because they had the ability to produce a good produce in that field. Duh, right? But they didn’t get into the field of Search Engine & Social Media Marketing. Why? The easy answer is because Search Engine & Social Media Marketing wasn’t the field they were experts in. Shocker!

We’ve worked with fitness clubs, photographers, film-makers, fashion designers, lawyers, yoga-instructors, doctors, private schools, and even jewelers, and every one of them was extremely good at what they did. I would definitely say that CODEMAY has been fortunate enough to work with some really great professionals. Many of our clients do have backgrounds in marketing, and many are fantastic marketers. But none of them focus their energies on SEM & Social Media Marketing. That’s one of the reasons why CODEMAY exists.

Now, I’m going to let you in on a secret: Anyone can run his or her own SEM & Social Media Marketing campaigns. In fact, companies like Google & Facebook have made it very easy for people to create & run their own digital marketing strategies. Google offers free online courses to help you become quite proficient at creating excellent Google AdWords campaigns. Facebook’s system is pretty easy as well. Right about now you’re probably thinking to yourself, “That was a pretty dumb move telling people running their own digital marketing campaigns is easy.” My answer is that honesty is one of the founding principles of CODEMAY, and we’ll always give it to you straight. All that being said, if you’re running your company, how much time do you have to dedicate to learn how to run those campaigns? How much time do you have to create effective ads? How much time do you have to gather all your metrics to analyze the effectiveness of the campaigns? Where do you send the user once they’ve clicked on your lead? How do you track the lead once the user has filled out their information needing more information? Not so easy anymore, is it?

The next thing people normally say to me is, “I could hire someone to run my search engine & social media marketing for me.” That is very true. The current federal minimum wage in set at $7.25/hour, and in many areas is up to $15/hour. But, to be completely honest, you are going to have a somewhat difficult time finding someone to run your digital marketing full-time (who’s good at it) for minimum wage. So, if you pay someone anywhere between $12.50 – $20/hour to run your campaign, you’re looking at spending $2,166 – $3,466 per month for a full-time employee to run your campaigns. Even at 20/hours a week you’re looking at spending $1,083 – $1,733 per month. I’m not even going to try to figure in the taxes, equipment costs, etc. you’ll need to pay to have someone run that. CODEMAY’s typical Digital Marketing Management fee: $500/mo.

Finally, where do you send the leads once they’ve clicked on your AdWords or Facebook ad? The worst thing you can do is send your search engine & social media marketing leads to a page that doesn’t have a very clear Call-To-Action (CTA) with a place for them to easily fill out their information. This is easily the most important part of your entire digital marketing campaign. No matter how much you spend to get your ad as the most seen or clicked on a particular platform, if the landing page you send your leads to isn’t designed for proper click to lead conversion, you will waste all of your efforts. It’s for this very reason why we developed CODEMAY Clicks, a fully-customizable landing page system designed to increase click-lead conversions. We’ve worked with many companies that didn’t have the ability to easily update their own landing pages when they weren’t converting very well, or create landing pages to represent the very specific campaigns they ran. We could create plenty of traffic, but we had no control over the lead once they clicked through. With our CODEMAY Clicks system, we can easily create a page dedicated to the campaign we’re running. Other agencies charge around $500/page to create custom landing pages. Our fee: FREE. It’s in our best interest to make sure those clicks are converting into leads, so we want to make sure we have the best tools available.

What does all of that translate to? Well, for starters, we’ve been able to help DOUBLE & TRIPLE the number of search engine & social media marketing leads generated by many of our clients. And in just the last month, the leads we’ve generated for our clients have represented a potential ROI of 150x what they’ve spent.  And we’re only getting better at what we do.

If you’re a small-business owner, you could easily run your own digital marketing campaigns. But the true question is, if you could spend $500/mo to have someone else do it for you, why would you want to do it yourself? CODEMAY’s mission is to help small-businesses grow by providing affordable digital marketing services. Our obsession is helping our clients grow their businesses.