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Are You Sabotaging Your Own Digital Marketing Leads?

We spend a lot of time here at CODEMAY strategizing ways to increase digital marketing leads for our clients. No two clients are exactly alike, and the strategies that go into making each of their marketing campaigns successful takes quite a bit of work to find out the right fit for each. What works in Southern California doesn’t necessarily work in St. Louis, MO. Because of this, we spend a lot of time working out what makes sense for each client, and we’ve become pretty successful in creating successful campaigns for them.

But, what good are a higher volume of leads if they don’t convert into new customers? We can create campaigns that generate hundreds of thousands of dollars in potential revenue, but what we can’t do is sell them for our client. And we completely understand that it doesn’t make sense to keep spending money on a marketing campaign if the campaign isn’t actually translating into revenue. So, what ends up being the problem?

How you handle the leads coming in is more important the the actual number of leads generated. I’ll give you an actual example of this to illustrate my point. We recently had a client come to us because he wanted to massively increase his digital lead generation. We started the client on a Facebook & Google AdWords campaign. The first month started off a bit rocky, but we were able to learn from the data and create a plan that increased the leads by 1300%. On a total budget of $2,600 for two months, we were able to generate 72 leads at an average cost per lead of $36. All in all, those 72 leads represented just under $130,000 in potential revenue, and realistically should have ended up generated about $13,000 in revenue, a 500% ROI. In reality, the client claimed to have not closed a single lead out of the 72 generated. We never expected for them to close 100%, but not closing a single lead seems a bit strange, considering these were people who willingly gave their information.

So what happened?

Frankly, the client failed to properly follow up with the leads they received. I know this because CODEMAY always runs a test of every marketing campaign we run. We weren’t one of the 72 leads, but we were a lead in their system. We generally use some fake name so they don’t know it’s us. In the two months the campaign ran, we never received a single call, text, or email thanking us for our interest in the business and inviting us to come in to try their product. We received a number of emails from the client about a bunch of other things, but never about the product we signed up for. We normally end up getting a lot of calls from many of our clients, and we normally have to tell them we are the marketing company and we were testing their system. It was not the case from this client.

This leads me to the point of this entire article: How you handle the leads coming in is more important than the actual number of leads you generate. We’re not saying a high volume of leads isn’t important, it just means nothing if you can’t close them.

Here are some things to keep in mind when running a digital marketing campaign designed to generate leads:

  • For the most part, these leads are coming from people who have taken the time to freely give you their information. They have some level of interest in the product you are promoting. They shouldn’t be surprised when you reach out to them regarding their interest.
  • That interest can fade very quickly. In today’s ADD world, it’s important to follow up quickly before they lose that interest, or worse, buy from your competition.
  • You should have a system set up to immediately respond to a new lead. Even something simple as an email saying you received their information and will respond to them in a timely manner is better than nothing.
  • Having a preset email drip campaign is important. These can be set up to automatically run as long as the lead is in a certain category. Each new email should create some new incentive for your prospect to engage with you.
  • It’s not a Cold Call if you are calling someone who gave you their info because they were interested in your product.

Before you run any digital marketing campaign, make sure you have a system in place to handle the leads that come in. Why waste time and money if you don’t have the ability to properly handle people interested in your business. Remember, coffee is for closers, and we want you to have a lot of coffee. Give us a call if you need help.