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FFM Go – New Payment Options Plan from FFM

As President of FFM, I am always looking for ways to increase FFM’s value to our existing & potential customers.  FFM’s mission is to provide top-level service to small-businesses without charging a fortune. With that in mind, we wouldn’t be doing our job if we weren’t trying to find the best possible way to provide that service in such a way to maximize the value. One of the things that keeps me up at night is finding a way to create payment options.

When talking to small-business owners, I often hear horror stories of web-development firms selling low-cost websites and then creating sub-par, templated sites that don’t reflect the brand they are attempting to represent. Even worse, sometimes they don’t even work properly. For many of these firms it’s a volume play: produce as many sites as possible at the lowest possible price, neglecting quality & customer service. I run into it all the time, and the level of frustration from the business owners is out the roof. My goal has therefore become providing the exact website the clients wants, with a superior level of customer service, but with more payment options.

I believe I’ve solved this problem, and my inspiration came from cell phones. Everyone wants the newest & best cell phone out there. But when you look at the actual prices of those phones, Samsung S8 & iPhone 7+ currently price out anywhere from $750 – $999, very few people shell out that much money all at once to buy the phones. Mobile carriers solved this problem by making easier payment options for their clients. Most people can’t even imagine not having payment options for their phones.

We’re going to do the same thing with FFM Go. FFM Go provides the same custom experience our clients have come to expect from us, and do it in a way that maximizes the availability of our service by breaking up the cost over the span of a year.

Each FFM Go client receives the exact same service as any FFM client:

1-on-1 design call with our Design team to figure out exactly what it is you are looking for from your site
Design process continues until your are in love with how your site will look & function
Custom development started from scratch. We won’t start with templates and adjust; we build it from the ground up to function exactly as you want it to, and we don’t stop until the site is exactly as you envisioned in the design process
30-Day warranty period: we’ll fix anything on the site that isn’t functioning as it was designed to
In addition to our standard service, we set up & cover all hosting for 12 months.

I believe this will allow more small-businesses the ability to provide their web-users the fully-custom experience their brand deserves. I look forward to providing FFM’s great service to many more people. Please reach out to us via our Contact Page to schedule a call with us, or submit your site for a Free Website Analysis.