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Marketing Glossary

Click - Selecting an option on an electronic interface by pressing a button or touching a screen. In digital marketing, this is when someone clicks on a link or button in an ad to bring up the next step in the marketing campaign (visiting a landing page, filling out a lead form, etc.).
Click-Through Rate (CTR) - A measurement of how many times a user clicked on an ad divided by the number of times an ad was shown. This number indicates the effectiveness of an ad, its image or copy.
Conversions - In marketing, this is often used to describe the movement of a user from one part of the marketing & sales process to another. Depending on what you are referring to, you can describe someone going from a click to a lead as a conversion. You can also describe someone going from a lead to a member or sale as a conversion. For our purposes, a conversion is the same thing as a lead.
Conversion Rate - The conversion rate is the number of conversions (leads) divided by the number of clicks. This number is used to measure the effectiveness of a landing page or lead form. We also refer to conversion rate as Landing Page Conversion Rate (LPCR).
Cost Per Click (CPC) - The average amount of money charged to an advertising account every time a user clicks on an ad. 
Impression - An instance of an online advertisement being seen on an internet user’s screen. Every time an ad appears on a user’s screen, it is recorded as an impression.
Keyword - A word or phrase used in a search. Search engines like Google, Bing, etc. go through the entire internet to index websites. The search engine then utilizes words on those websites to help a user pull up information based on those words. In keyword search marketing campaigns, you are telling the search engine to show your ad when someone uses a particular set of keywords.
Landing Page - The webpage a user accesses after clicking on an ad. Landing page can be used to describe any website page, but we use the term to describe a one-page website dedicated to collecting a user’s information.
Pay Per Click (PPC) - The most common form of online advertising. An advertiser pays each time an ad is clicked on, as opposed to paying each time an ad is seen. 
Pixel - A small area of illumination on a display screen, one of many from which an image is composed. The most common usage of pixel is to measure the size of a screen, image, etc. 
Reach - The total number of people who see an ad or content online. Sometimes referred to as “unique impressions”, it is simply the number of people who see an ad rather than how many times an ad was shown.
Remarketing - See Retargeting.
Retargeting - A digital marketing campaign designed to deliver ads to people who have interacted with some aspect of a brand. Also referred to as Remarketing, this type of campaign can be used to advertise to people who recently visited a website, interacted with an online ad but didn’t convert, or even someone who decided not to buy something after having put items in their online shopping cart. 
Tracking Pixel - A term used to describe web code placed on a website that registers traffic and behavior on a page. The term comes from the fact that the code sits in a graphic that measures just 1x1 pixels on a page. Because it is so small, it is not easily seen by the user. Also called Conversion Tracking Pixel by Google.