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Search the client name in the top search box and see if there are two client records. If so, check both records. One should be the new submission, the other will most likely be tagged Inactive, in which case you should switch over to the Tech Setup of Inactive Client guide and complete those steps.

If only one client record exists, proceed with this guide to setup the new client.

Under Locations in the top menu, select Add a Location then enter the following fields:


Opportunity Title

Full Location Name (example: Club Pilates Echo Park)


Click into the field, type the client's first name and click Search. This will do a search and either auto-select the client, or give you a list of similar options to choose from.

Location Info


The address of the studio


The phone number of the studio


The email address of the studio

Studio ID

The ClubReady store ID of the studio

Click Save

Once the location is saved, there will be some new tabs. Go to the Products/Mgmt Fees tab and add the proper subscription:

Products / Mgmt Fees

Subscription Plan

Type "CP" and then the options will show up.
The options are "CP PreSale Mgmt Fee" or CP Sustained Mgmt Fee"

Once selected, click Add and then Save and you’re done adding the studio.

In InfusionSoft, go to the client record. If you’re on the studio, you can just click the client name in the Location Summary box on the right side of the General tab.

Under “General Information” change Owner to the assigned DMS.

Click Save and you’re done.

Log into AdWords, click Account from the left menu and then Management from the top menu.

Now click the + icon in the round blue button to add a new account. Select Create new account from the list then fill out the following fields:


If this is a client with a single studio, name the account by the full studio name (example: "Club Pilates Echo Park")

If this is a client with multiple studios, name the account by the last name of the client (example: "Club Pilates Smith")

Time zone

Select the appropriate time zone by picking the city from the list that is in the same time zone as the studio.

Click Create Account to create the new AdWords account.

Now that the account is created, find it in the accounts list and click into it (it should be at the top since you just created it).

Once in the account, select the wrench icon in the top right, then click Conversions in the “Measurements” section and then click +Conversions

Here you’ll be setting up the tracking codes that will keep track of every form submission on the google landing pages for this studio.

First select the “Website” box and then fill out the following fields:

Conversion name

Name the conversion "Leads"


Set the category to "Lead"


Select "Don't use a value"


Select "One"

View-through conversion window

Change this to "30 days"

All other fields leave as they are and click Create and Continue

To get the tracking codes, click the second box titled “Use Google Tag Manager”. This will display the two codes: Conversion ID and Conversion label. Leave this page open as you will need it to copy these codes into the pages once you’ve setup the CMC site in the next step.

Log into the appropriate CMC site for the client you are setting up and follow the following steps:

1) Duplicate

In the top menu, go to “My Sites -> Network Admin -> Duplication” to access the duplication screen for creating the new site and fill out the following fields:

Original site to copy

Set this to "Starter"

New Site - Address

If this setup is on Offers, then this will be the studio's name (minus "club pilates") with dashes and all lower case and ended with "lp" (example: "echo-park-lp")

If this setup is in Cdmy, then this will be the studio's full name with no punctuation and all lower case (example: "rowhousetustin")

New Site - Title

This will be the full studio name (example: "Club Pilates Echo Park" or "Row House Tustin")

New Site - Email

This will always be the webmaster email. Just start typing it in and it will pop up to be selected

Click Duplicate to make the site. When it’s finished, it will give a success message at the top with some links, click the “Dashboard” link to enter the dashboard of the new site.


2) Global Fields

Click “Global Fields” in the left menu to access the global fields screen and fill in the following fields:


This is just the studio name (example: "Echo Park")


Enter the email address for the studio (this will almost always be "", for example: "")


Enter the phone number for the studio


Put in the full studio address and add a break (<br />) before the city


Select the proper country for the studio. Most will be the default United States, but it's important that studios in Canada are properly marked here

ClubReady Store ID

Enter the 4 digit store id for the studio (if you don't have this, ask Jaime for it)

Google Map Embed Code

Go to and enter the address, click the share icon and then the "Embed" tab and copy the iFrame code and paste it in here

Google Conversion ID (Google Only)

You should still have your conversions AdWords screen open from the previous step, copy the Conversion ID into this field

Google Conversion label (Google Only)

Copy the Conversion label into this field

* If you are missing any of the studio info (Address, Phone, Email) these can be acquired from their location page on

Once done, click Update to save


3) Settings

Click Settings from the left menu and fill out the following field:


Select the proper time zone for this client, it is defaulted to UTC-8 which is Pacific Time, and it moves down as you go East (UTC-7 is Mountain, UTC-6 is Central and UTC-5 is Eastern)


4) Add User

Hover on Users in the left menu and click Add New

Under the first section “Add Existing User” fill out the following fields:

Email or Username

Start typing the name of the assigned DMS and their email and name will pop up and you can select it


Change this to "Administrator"

Skip Confirmation Email

Check the box

Click Add Existing User


Repeat these steps to also add yourself and Andre ( to the site.

Log into NinjaCat and click Add Account

Only fill out the following fields:

Company Name

This is the full studio name (example: "Club Pilates Echo Park")

Primary Contact

This is the client's name


This is the client's email

Account Owner

Select the assigned DMS

Account Groups

Select "Club Pilates"

Scroll down and click Save Changes

Now you should be in the new account. In the “Data Sources” box, select Add Data Source

Click Connect in the “Google AdWords” box and fill out the following fields:

AdWords Account

Select their AdWords account as created in the previous step

Primary (toggle)

Click this to toggle it on

Click Connect then refresh the page.

Under “Reports” – NOT “Reports (Legacy)” – click Add Report and fill out the following fields:


If they are just doing Google, select "Google AdWords Only Weekly Report"
If they are doing both Google and FB, select "FB & Google Weekly Report"


Toggle Publish to dashboard to on

Email Mode

Click "Automatic Email"

Click Save Changes

Click the “Settings” button next to the account title then “Users” then “Invite User” and fill out the following fields:


Enter the client's email address


Enter the client's name

Click Invite User and you’re done.

The last step to Tech Setup is to complete the task. Go into InfusionSoft and click My Day from the top menu. Find the task for this setup in your task list (you can click on the tasks for more info) and check the box to the left. This will complete the task and move the setup to the next steps.