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What Cheap Web Development & Gas Station Sushi Have in Common

We’ll jump right into the punchline: “They’ll both make you sick, and cost you a lot more than you think.”

As we continue to market CODEMAY to the masses, we run into stories from our prospects & clients regarding their previous web-developers. Every time we hear these stories, it reminds us exactly why we’re in this business, and why our mission is so important. In interviewing one of our newest clients, we found just how bad “cheap” developers can be.

This particular client has a successful business in the Portland area. About two years ago he reached out to a web development company that offered to build the sites for his two businesses. The price made sense so our client signed on & paid for his sites. The relationship seemed to start off as any customer/developer relationship should. Our client decided he wanted to see some changes made to the site, and that’s when the similarities to gas station sushi started. The old developers lagged in responding, and we don’t mean lagged by a couple of days. Weeks would pass before our client would hear anything from the developer. Fast forward two years, and the site still wasn’t completely functioning. When we first looked at this client’s site, we were amazed to see the entire homepage above the fold was a blank, black screen. When we asked the client about this, he told us the developer pointed the finger at him, stating because he updated his WordPress plugins he broke the page. Our client was told his site was “so custom it could easily break.” We found that it was really because the site wasn’t nearly as “custom” as it was portrayed. It was a pre-built package theme the developer purchased and then farmed out some additional development work to tweak the design, making it “custom.” To fix the problems, the developer told our client he had to have his site redone from scratch to fix the work, and he was going to have to pay them to do it.

Needless to say, our client decided to move on, and is now getting a fully redesigned site, built from the ground up by CODEMAY, when he should have had a functional site to begin with. What started as a “cheap” project ended up costing way more than he originally wanted. When shopping for a new site for your business, or even your first site, keep in mind that a custom web build can seem expensive, but paying someone to build your site for cheap is going to cost you in the long run.  When we say custom at CODEMAY, we mean the site is hand-coded from the ground up by our in-house developers. It won’t break, and we guaranty that. If you

If you’re having any issues with your site, or you’d like to explore the option of a redesign, please contact us here at CODEMAY. We’d be more than happy to handcraft a website, without making your sign over your first born child. Check out some of our custom work by going to our portfolio.