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We’ve been fortunate enough here at CODEMAY to work on projects we truly love. Whether it’s building a sleek new website for boutique European fashion brand Rika by Ulrika Lundgren, or running the digital marketing for one of the fastest growing franchise brands in the country, Club Pilates, everything we do means more to us than just another client or project. Our work is our passion, and we are always excited to partner with our clients on their passions.

A couple of months ago, we started a new initiative to work with those who are dedicated to what they love. We call it CODEMAY Cares. CODEMAY Cares’ mission is to provide our great service, pro-bono, to non-profit organizations that mean something to us, and to help support their mission. We took on our first CODEMAY Cares client a couple of months ago, Griffinwood Academy, and it has been a project very close to my heart.

Education means a lot to me. My mother, Sandy Adair, made it her career to provide the best possible education, not just to us, but to thousands of other children. When my family first moved to the Tampa Bay, Florida area, my parents were not thrilled with the education options available to us at the time. My mother, being the headstrong woman she was, took it upon herself to change the game of education in our town. She and a team of other parents worked together to bring a high-quality education to the area by taking over a failing private school, and turning it into one of the top-rated private schools in the area. Her passion and dedication to that cause will forever be her legacy. My mother passed away in December of last year, and I wanted to find a way to honor her passion for Education.

Griffinwood Academy, located in Orange County, CA, reached out to CODEMAY for assistance on their website. They had an outdated, poorly designed website that did nothing to fully represent their passion for education. I took a tour of their campus, and it brought back the same feelings I had as a kid when my mother was working to transform her school. I knew immediately this was going to be our first CODEMAY Cares project. The executives and educators at Griffinwood have the same fire & passion my mother had for her school, and I remember how much she relied on the help of others to accomplish her goals. We’re proud of the site we created for Griffinwood Academy, and we can’t wait to see what they do with it. We hope the site helps more families learn about Griffinwood, and more children get the education they deserve.

I’m very excited about all the great things we’re doing here at CODEMAY. And I can’t wait for whatever our next CODEMAY Cares project ends up being. I love it when people dedicate themselves to what they love. And I love it when we can help people do that.