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Another CODEMAY Project Completed

When we started CODEMAY, our founding principle was to provide affordable digital services without compromising on the quality of those services. We came across too many great companies taken advantage of by web development companies offering low-cost, “custom” web solutions that completely sacrificed the quality of their products and customer service.

Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 9.47.06 PM

Previous version of the Lightbox Filmworks website. A black screen is all that shows where a video should be.

Take our newest completed projects, Lightbox Filmworks. Two years ago the owner of the company hired a web-development company to build a custom website for his video production company based in Portland, OR., along with his other company, Moving Pictures Weddings. The company built one of the sites, but the quality of that site left much room for improvement in terms of functionality. Two years later, our client was still complaining of the site not functioning properly. When the development company did respond, they said the site was so custom, a simple update of the basic plug-ins broke it and the only way to fix it was to completely rebuild it.

I’ll give you a moment to mentally say “WTF”.

Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 1.59.21 PM

New site features Lightbox Filmworks amazing work with very minimally intrusive copy.

It should go without saying, but our client stopped working with that company. But this story is very far from being rare. Way too often do we run into companies that have similar stories. The worst is when we see this happen to companies who don’t have the unlimited funds to continually rebuild their website, and investing in a custom site is a very big deal. In today’s digital age, a company’s website is one of the first places customers become familiar with the company and its products. If the site doesn’t function properly, is horribly designed or doesn’t even work (we’ve run into that a few times), the first impression of that company is a negative one.

Simple menu options only show up if the user wants them to.

Simple menu options only show up if the user wants them to, allowing the user to flow through the site naturally.

But this story has a happy ending. CODEMAY took on the challenge of designing & building a site that highlighted the great work Lightbox Filmworks creates for such clients as IKEA,  Toms, MicrosoftEbay, and Camelbak. To be honest, our main goal was simply “keep out of the way” of the great video content Lightbox Filmworks created. You’ll notice we opted to do away with a standard menu bar across the top of the site, instead allowing the user to flow through the site from the top to the bottom. If the user wants to click through the menu, all he/she has to do is click on the top right corner and a menu will appear.

It’s projects like this that make use happy to be doing what we do. Visit the Lightbox Filmworks website to see everything we did with this. For more info on CODEMAY and our services, reach out to us via our contact page. For web emergencies, email